Highgate Hill History Self-guided Walking Tour

I’ve created a walking tour combining many of the topics of my blog posts plus a bit more. If you wish to find out more about some of these places and people, I’ve written about many of them in my blog. Use the search function to have a look. I’ve also included a list of relevant blog posts below at the bottom of the page.

The total distance covered is around 5 and a half kilometres and could be expected to take around 1 ½ to 2 hours to cover. Highgate Hill is, well, hilly and there is some climbing involved in this walk. The total ascent and descent is 72 metres with a few short steep sections. Of course, you can start and finish wherever you please. Also, some of our roads are quite busy and care must be taken in crossing them. The walk starts and finishes at the Highgate Hill Park.

Below is a pdf file detailing the walk, including a map.

Highgate Hill self-guided walk v8.2

Here’s the map alone as a pdf.

Highgate Hill Walk map v1

I’ve also created a Wikiloc trail including the description which can be followed using your phone or other device. This version has more images of people and historic street scenes.  It can be read without loading the Wikiloc App, however the App will also guide you along the walk.

wikiloc – Highgate Hill Historical Walking Tour

HH walk diagram 1

More information.

Blog posts related to the walk.

The numbers refer to walk stops.

1 Highgate Hill Park Highgate Hill Park   The Prince of Wales Visits Highgate Hill 

2 Hampstead Road From Telegraph To Telephone

3 Blakeney Street  The Blakeneys of Highgate Hill   A Strawberry Afternoon Tea
Who Shot “Spider” Raper? 1926

4 Westbourne Street    Westbourne St. 1930s Architecture

5″Wairuna” James Allen, Brisbane Retail Pioneer

7 “Marly”  Of Tobacconists, Brewers and Other Things

8 “Mon Abri” Mon Abri – Brighton Road

11 Dornoch Terrace Bridge The Dornoch Terrace Bridge

12 “Toonarbin”  Toonarbin

16 Sankey Street  The Mistresses’ House The Pastor’s House
Sankey Street, Steeped in History

17 Colton Street and “Glenview”  Animals on the Loose in Highgate Hill

Glenview – A Highgate Hill House circa 1883

18 Dauphin Terrace Doctor A. Jefferis Turner – “Gentle Annie”
Ernie and Mabel Lane – Radical Activists

20, 21,26 Daphne Mayo Daphne Mayo – Brisbane Sculptor

22 Douglas Price  Douglas Price – Tragic Modernist

24 Inigo Jones Inigo Jones Long Range Weather Forecaster

27 Highgate Hill Reservoir  Highgate Hill Reservoir 1889

28 Ebenezer and Carina Thorne The Enigmatic Ebenezer Thorne

29 Beaumont and Judge Blakeney The Blakeneys of Highgate Hill

31 Torbreck  Torbreck

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