Brisbane – Horse and Carriage

The first horses appeared in what would later become Brisbane with the establishment of the Moreton Bay convict settlement in 1824. The number of horses grew rapidly along with the population after the Queensland Government sponsored immigration of the 1860s, passing 3,000 by 1870 and 13,000 by 1890. In this post I look at how horses were an integral part of life in Brisbane.

Life with Brisbane’s Trams

It's hard to over estimate the importance of the tram system to Brisbane's daily life over many decades. In 1930, for example, trams were carrying around 200,000 passengers a day, with the city's population at around 318,000. In this post I'll look at how trams were a part of our everyday life.

The Battle of Highgate Hill

In the late 1870s, fears of a Russian invasion led to increased spending on defence. On a hot February afternoon in 1879, volunteers were running all over Highgate Hill firing at each other and letting off their cannons in a military exercise. A crowd gathered to watch the spectacle.