The Hazelwood Estate, Highgate Hill 1885

Queensland Figaro and Punch Saturday 17th October 1885

The Hazelwood Estate, Highgate Hill

That valuable property known as Hazelwood, the property of the late judge Sheppard and described as Subdivisions C and D of Portions 182 to 184, Parish of South Brisbane.

It is elevated, healthy, and convenient enough at the same time to meet the requirements of everybody. It occupies that Beautiful Block of Land between Dauphin Terrace, Gladstone Road, and Dornoch Terrace and the River. The Views from Highgate Hill are not to be equalled, so if you have not been there already go and see, when you will agree with the Auctioneers that to do justice to it in an advertisement would be altogether out of the question, and attempting same would mean trying to achieve an impossibility.

Omnibuses will bring you right on to the Estate, which run there every ten minutes, whilst the distance from Victoria Bridge is no more than a comfortable fifteen minutes’ walk.

TERMS One-fourth Cash; Balance in Six Equal Payments, at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 Months bearing 8 per cent, interest.

Hazelwoid estate Highgate Hill

Article image from the National Library of Australia’s Newspaper Digitisation Program

Judge Edmund Sheppard was born in Somerset, England and came to Queensland via Sydney. He was Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland from 1874 until 1882. He lived in his house “Hazelwood” until he returned to England on absence due to ill health. The court complex in Townsville, opened in 1975, was named after him in recognition of his being the first Northern Judge of the court.

Mr_ Justice Edmund Sheppard ca_ 1874
Mr Justice Edmund Sheppard 1874

The house and estate are remembered through the naming of Hazelwood Street.

The break up and sale of large blocks in Highgate Hill continued for many years. For a further example, see the post in this blog Westbourne St. 1930s Architecture

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