Runaway Horse and Cart 1907

Exciting Runaway
Children’s Narrow Escape

A horse attached to a butcher’s cart, in which there were three small children, bolted from Hampstead-road, Highgate Hill, yesterday afternoon. The cart belonged to Mr. Peter M’Kinnon, butcher, of Boundary street West End, and its occupants were his children. Mr. M’Kinnon had left the cart for a few moments to go into a shop, and it was during his absence that the animal ran away. The horse bolted into Vulture street and Stephens street, and thence into Melbourne street, the three children screaming with terror the while. One of the wheels of the cart was jolted off just after turning into Melbourne street, and the children were thrown out. A number of persons rushed to the scene, expecting to find the little ones badly injured, but fortunately two of them  escaped practically  unhurt. The other, a four-year-old girl, was found to be suffering  from slight concussion of the brain. The Ambulance Brigade rendered first aid, and conveyed the child to her home in Musgrave-street.


Corner of Vulture and Stanley Streets circa 1907.

Brisbane ambulance HQ 1901

Brisbane Ambulance HQ ca. 1901. Motorised ambulances were introduced from around 1912.

Further historical photographs of the Queensland Ambulance Service can be seen here.

Horse drawn delivery vehicles remained on our streets until the 1950s. These were the pre-supermarket days of corner shops and low car ownership. In 1955, there were only around 12 cars per 100 population in Queensland versus approximately 55 now. My grandfather sold fruit from his horse drawn cart in the 1940s. Groceries, meat, milk and bread were also home delivered.

butchers 1924

This photograph from 1924 shows a mixture of motorised and horse drawn butcher’s vehicles in Brisbane. (Queensland Museum)

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